A few things have taken shape since we first conceived of having a reunion in Ireland and walking the streets and seeing the sites of our ancestors.
Core dates:  Depart Friday July 26, 2019; arrive Saturday July 27, 2019
                     Leave for the USA Saturday August 3, 2019
                    (visit the rest of Ireland before or after these dates)
Home Base as suggested by Irish cousin Anthony McGonigle:  Moville- approx. 6 miles from Carrowmenagh, Moville is a coastal town on the banks of the Lough Foyle.  It has many accommodations and restaurants within walking distance.
Good cell service (I can personally vouch for that.)  The Moville Shore Path offers gorgeous views of the Lough Foyle. Bring your camera.  This would have been the departure point for our ancestors.
At this point I need an idea of how many people are pretty sure they are coming in order to scope out coach service for day trips. The roads are narrow and a coach with 8 seats fits best.  I know of one company and already reached out.
So far we have SIXTEEN McFeelys/McFeeleys who have taken the plunge and put their name on the "I Will Be There List."
Other than an initial "Meet and Greet" soon upon arrival and a golf game at Ballyliffin organized by Gordon Stone, everything else is pretty much TBD.  I need input!  
If you are on the East Coast, an alternative to leaving from Newark airport is Stewart airport, Newburgh NY.  Norwegian Air is running no frills flights to Belfast, which cuts the drive time from the airport to Moville in half. 
So.....who is fairly sure they will join and what would you like to do/see?  Will you rent a car or do you need info on transport to/from the airport?  Anything I can do to make this the trip of your dreams, please let me know and I will work on it.
Mary Bernadette Rose McFeeley McCann Stone